Dead Beautiful book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renée Winters was still. Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful, #1), Life Eternal (Dead Beautiful, #2), and Love Book 1. Dead Beautiful. by Yvonne Woon. · 11, Ratings · 1, - download Dead Beautiful (Usborne) book online at best prices in India on Read Dead Beautiful (Usborne) book reviews & author details and.

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    Dead Beautiful Book

    Publisher, Hyperion Books. Published, September 21, Media type, Print ( Hardcover, Paperback) E-book (Kindle) Audio Book (CD). Followed by, Life Eternal. Dead Beautiful is a young adult urban fantasy novel by American author Yvonne Woon. Dead Beautiful (A Dead Beautiful Novel) [Yvonne Woon] on Dead Beautiful and millions of other books are available for instant access. view . Find the complete Dead Beautiful book series by Yvonne Woon. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $

    A novel by Yvonne Woon A haunting love story about desire, danger, and destiny. After Renee Winters discovers her parents lying dead in California's Redwood Forest in what appears to be a strange double murder, her grandfather sends her off to Gottfried Academy in Maine, a remote and mysterious high school dedicated to philosophy, 'crude sciences,' and Latin: the Language of the Dead. It's here she meets Dante, a dark and elusive student to whom she feels inexplicably drawn. As they get to know each other better, Dante can't seem to control his attraction either, and their desires gradually deepen into a complex and dangerous romance. Dangerous because Dante is hiding a frightening secret. A secret so terrible, it has him fearing for Renee's life. Dante's not the only one with secrets, though. Turns out Gottfried Academy has a few of its own. Like, how come students keep disappearing? Why are the prefect-like Monitors creeping around campus during the night?

    She arrives and begins taking a number of unconventional courses like horticulture and Latin. She is apparently gifted at horticulture. Gottfried also has a stern headmistress and an enigmatic Board of Monitors whose purpose is unknown to Renee.

    She becomes friends with her roommate Eleanor, a shy boy named Nathaniel, and Dante Berlin. Renee learns that Dante used to be friends with a number of strange students until tragedy struck. A boy, Ben, was killed and Dante found him. He is drawn to Renee and the two begin dating. In horticulture class, Renee discovers a dead baby deer. It is mentioned that Renee often finds dead things. Dante finds Renee and the two leave together.

    Renee notices that Dante is extremely cold, but he does not seem to notice. Dante begins tutoring Renee in Latin. The two get to know one another better. Dante tells Renee his family died in a plane crash. Dante accidentally cuts himself during one of their tutoring sessions but the wound heals almost immediately. Dante pretends nothing happened, but Renee notices and begins to suspect.

    Each girl calls on a different dead person. Eleanor tells Renee that Cassandra claims she has been killed. Renee called on her father, but she began thinking about Dante midway through.

    She is drawn to a tree outside, believing her father is telling her to go there. She leaves and sees Dante and Gideon at the tree. Not even a card on birthdays. He sighed. I hope you can forgive my absence.

    Our house was the kind where you could touch things, my mother used to say. It was modest but lived in, with stucco walls covered with photographs, and big glass windows that let in the morning light. The grass was never mowed on time, and the pool out back was littered with leaves and beetles that always got stuck in my hair; but on a hot summer day it all seemed perfect. They looked uncomfortable. A pleasant surprise, of course, though I never would have wished it to happen under such tragic circumstances.

    They remind you that happiness does exist, though it may not seem that way now. I had lost my appetite completely since the night in the forest. I was alone, utterly alone, and I had no idea where my life would take me, or how I would live now that my parents were dead. People filed in and out of the house, but to me they passed in a haze, resembling shadowy figures more than actual humans.

    My grandfather hovered above me, but I remained silent and waited until I heard him pat the pockets of his trousers and retreat to the kitchen. The next week went by in a blur. I spent most of my time wandering around the house, trying to keep cool and avoid my grandfather, who seemed to always want to talk about my future, even though I was still stuck in the past. Now that he was here, I was practically confined to the house.

    Almost overnight my life became a regimented routine. Meals were served three times a day: breakfast at seven, lunch at one, and dinner at seven thirty. Sleeping through breakfast was prohibited, and I had to finish everything on my plate before I could leave the table. My grandfather corrected my table manners at dinner, eyeing my ripped jeans and tank tops with distaste. My posture was terrible, he said, and I held my fork like a barbarian. Tonight was no different. I glanced at the clock. It was eight.

    I had to get out of the house. But if I wanted to leave, I had to do it soon, because for the first time in my life I actually had a curfew. Dustin stood in the corner of the room in an antiquated suit, his hands clasped behind his back as he gazed at the ceiling, pretending not to listen. I stared at him uncomfortably. My grandfather put his fork down. You should stay in tonight. Dustin moved to collect my setting, but my grandfather waved him away, and I felt slightly victorious as I turned my back to them and carried my dishes to the kitchen.

    The sponge slipped out of my hand and sank into the soapy water. Your mother, Lydia, was my daughter. Her death was no accident. We both know that. After all, you were the one who found them.

    I turned and raised my eyes to his. We pulled over and I went into the woods. Annie waited for me. I watched the water cascade over the dishes. I turned to him. I found them. They were dead. Do you want me to relive the entire night? You know what happened.

    You read the police report. I told them everything I know. But think. The redwood forest covers eight hundred square kilometres, yet you were able to find them within half an hour. He raised a white, bushy eyebrow.

    I just did. The ones you have on now are far too juvenile for a girl your age. Without thinking, I called Annie. She answered on the third ring. How could I explain to her that I had died that day in the forest too, that nothing had meaning any more? The police came. They had questions. Did I know why my parents were in the forest that day? Had they behaved unusually in the days prior?

    Did they have any enemies? The cause of each of their deaths was a heart attack, which could have been reasonable had it not been for the circumstances. Yet the medical report confirmed that everything else inside their bodies was intact and healthy, and that there were no signs of violence, struggle, or anything out of the ordinary, with one exception: autopsies revealed that soil and ribbons of white fabric were found in the mouth of each of my parents.

    Was there anything strange about the fabric?

    Dead Beautiful

    But no one knew why it was there. They were healthy. They were supposed to be at work. How is that natural? They were going to keep the case open. Was it murder? Why would anyone want to kill my parents? But then there was the way my mother had looked inexplicably older than she had the day before.

    How could that be? Maybe it was suicide. Maybe I was losing my mind. When Annie and I got to the marina, we took off our shoes and walked down to the rocky beach, beside the dock on the far side of the bay. The pier and the boats, which were so colourful by day, were now shadowed in shades of blue. He wanted to know how you were doing Eventually I just stopped answering, letting my grandfather deal with it.

    He was worried. For the first time since my parents died, I felt the inkling of something other than numbness. Fitting the pieces together that make up the story was a fantastic process, simply because whi My Thoughts: Fitting the pieces together that make up the story was a fantastic process, simply because while you thought you pieced the whole big, seemingly unsolvable mystery behind the plot, new variables and uncovered information popped up, preventing the reader from truly grasping the entirety of the puzzle before the author was ready.

    Woon's descriptiveness, her imagery evoked wonder and amazement, granting me a clear picture of all that surrounded Renee. But, that was where my fascination ended Renee as a heroine didn't bode well with me.

    There was no connection between her and I. She didn't provoke any feelings of sympathy, happiness, or any real solid or tangible emotion. Instead, she basically annoyed me. She was really all about herself: Never once did she show genuine concern about her other friends, the ones back home or the new ones she made at the academy. They were more like her personal walking sound boards, where she could dump her feelings and thoughts on them, but never consciously willing to return the favor.

    I'll be honest, that alone annoyed the hell out of me. The fact that her parents died right in the early chapters of the story, and that she was the one who located their bodies, didn't make me feel sorry for her, upset, or any other emotions really.

    Because there simply was no connection. I didn't get how she was feeling, being that I couldn't relate to her, and ultimately couldn't form a relationship with while reading as her story unfolded. And Renee wasn't the only character I felt a sense of disconnect with. Her other friends, Eleanor, Nathaniel, and Annie, didn't scream, Know me! Love me! Hate me! When I meet new characters, I like to feel something for them.

    Apart from annoyance, obviously. And vice versa. And like with Renee's friends, I couldn't care less about the bad guys because of that automatic detachment. Worse yet, I didn't care too much about the good guys, so why would it matter if the villains hurt them? I didn't feel attached to any of them, so why be upset if something goes wrong for the good guys? So, while the cast in this book was developed, I wouldn't sat they are enjoyable or necessarily fun to read about. Even Dante, while ethereally beautiful, sadly, was not everything I had hoped.

    And I don't think he did anything wrong But, again, there was this disconnect from me the reader and him. I didn't really learn about him, there wasn't much of a personality to him to fall for. So, I guess that explains why I didn't fall head over heels for him like I was so expecting to! Many times, when I read, there's that magical, instant love that takes place between the two main characters. And while that's fine and dandy, and I believe it exists, I want to see these characters fall for what's inside too.

    Know each other.

    Talk to each other. And even though along the way they might have in the array of conversations they have that the reader isn't privy to, that's just it. I want to be aware of them getting to know each other. That's probably the best part of a romance. I need a little realism to my romance, so sue me! The ending was I must admit I'm at the point of confusion intermingled with dissatisfaction.

    So, Dante could resist kissing Renee, but she can't? And he wants to die for her, wasting the soul she just went through serious pains to give? I mentioned that Dead Beautiful firmly lives up to its name. Because it did. While the plot and the storyline were fantastic and beautifully written, the other aspects of it that would have made it great were flat, rendering it an okay read. Favorite Scene: Her voice was soft and low, and I was surprised by how forthright she was.

    How could I not stare at her? Even here, the afternoon sun shone through the glass ceiling, illuminating her face in a warm, rosy light, as if she were an otherworldly being, something sent to me by fate. No, she could never know that I had watched her, wanted her, loved her from that very moment" Thanks for reading! Also posted at Paranormal Indulgence. Mar 30, Susanna rated it it was ok Shelves: Guilt is responsible for the second star here. I knew going into this book that I wasn't going to like it and that if I finished it, I'd be ridiculing it the whole way.

    It was kinda the point, actually. Even so, if I take my guilt over that out of the equation, this was a bad book. It doesn't fail as badly as Hush, Hush and Personal Demons which would be one star books for me only because Goodreads has no negative five star options , but in no way would I recommend it to anyone except as laught Guilt is responsible for the second star here. It doesn't fail as badly as Hush, Hush and Personal Demons which would be one star books for me only because Goodreads has no negative five star options , but in no way would I recommend it to anyone except as laughter therapy, and for that I might recommend it quite a bit.

    Still…in the current Y. A paranormal landscape, there are some aspects that make it better than others. I'm admitting this grudgingly; all Y. A paranormals should have these stronger aspects to them without question, aspects that shouldn't stand out in bad books as the only good things. Aspects such as…a love interest who is not a jerk more on him later , no ridiculous love triangle created to stir up drama though the lines were drawn for one, maybe even a quadrangle--I was relieved the author didn't go there , a likeable best friend who was pretty much the only character I liked , and the fact that there was a reason for the requisite "mysterious, unexplainable connection" between the main character and her love interest even though that reason was borderline sick and twisted.

    On its own merit, the book succeeded in originality by having a Latinate-based plot. To my knowledge, there are no boarding schools in any Y. I actually feel like I'm giving away spoilers right now, because those are the most interesting things to be revealed in the first sixty pages that the back cover doesn't reveal. The sheer weirdness of these elements were pretty awesome, especially for laughter therapy these kids are all going to get corrective eye surgery as graduation presents.

    Honestly, I did like the weirdness. It was surprising. And funny. As was reading that the P. E class, which showed up only at the end, that focuses "around a life-threatening environmental situation that required athletic skills.

    I'm not familiar with most of the Latin classics, so any reupholstering she did to them couldn't offend me. Might be very different for a Latin geek. OK, so the bad. Swimming through the cold, choppy sea of Twilight ripoffs, I have never, ever encountered one so blatant as this one. It was kind of staggering. At first, when Dante, the love interest, was introduced, I started calling him Dan because "Dante" seemed like a too obvious effort at making him seem cool.

    Then I started calling him Danward. He is Edward Cullen, down to his cold skin, his "carved in stone" features, the reason he won't kiss her "I can't trust myself … You don't know what I'm capable of. The Twilight hits never stopped coming. I feel like the author wanted to create a character like Edward Cullen in everyway except vampire to make some kind of point, about something…I don't know what. The Twilight ripoff isn't actually the worst part of the book.

    I'm not a Twilight fan so I don't care that she cloned Edward, and as an anti-fan the cloning just made it more amusing. The worst part was that this book is just badly-written on every count, from sentences to plot structure and pacing, characters…it was horrifying.

    I have never seen so many dangling modifiers in one book ever. If I lost half a pound for each, I'd be skinnier than my toothbrush. The author, to add impact to a sentence, would start it with a conjunction and give it its own paragraph. Most of those "paragraphs" were about Danward. Super irritating. She would also end a scene, have Renee say something about the week that followed it, then say, "But let me go back" and jump back to that same scene.

    Renee was probably the worst character. At first, for about two-hundred pages, I thought she was smarter than some of her Y. A predecessors, but I guess love made her stupid. Her supernatural ability was evident on page one and made obvious on page one-twenty, and yet she didn't realize it until page four-twenty-two. She always dismissed it as, "Oh, there's that weird pull again, the one that led me to my dead parents. And even though she believed in all of the paranormal stuff that happened, believed it easily, she can't believe in this one.

    She takes us through a recap of the obvious and angsts about, "How can this be truuuue," acting as though it's an actual surprise and we're supposed to be as flummoxed.

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    There are more instances, including the one that leads to the ends; sans that one, this bugged me the most.

    The romance between Renee and Danward was like trying to eat a stack of stale crackers in one go. So dry, so tasteless, so gag-inducing. That's all I want to say about it. In another writing fail, the book was four-hundred eighty pages, which was about two-hundred forty pages too long. Maybe if it had been cut significantly, it would have felt like things were actually happening in a cause and effect sequence.

    The tension would have been better--and by that I mean there would have been some-- and the themes would have been clearer.

    They were so muddled that when I got to the end, to Renee's decision, it seemed pretty pointless and empty. Her decision had no real impact because we hadn't seen her in a focused struggle with the questions she found answers to. Or maybe she did struggle, briefly, in the swampland of Too Many Words. I know I did. I can't really get into the ending without giving spoilers I'd rather not give it should be experienced for the full effect , but it was the most original weird ending I've seen.

    It was supposed to be poignant, but given the premise of her connection to Danward, it just felt like one…self-incestuous mess. There's more that I could say, but this is sufficient and has gotten too long. It's a badly-written book, but unintentionally funny, not as inherently offensive as others, and crazy-weird. I recommend it only to those who really need something to laugh at. Mar 17, Alisa rated it it was ok. I was going to review Sweet Evil.

    Then I remembered my friend wanted to try and review it. So, I was like," Sure. I'll find another book. But then, I found this book in my browse through Good Reads.

    And I was like, "Oh I remember this book! I read it like a year ago! Let's see what I can remember It was bad. And a copy cat. The overall story was like Twilight. Wit I was going to review Sweet Evil. With a few Mean Girls moments. And Disappearing Parent Syndrome. And some of Fallen. Renee Winters's parents get murdered DPS- check , and she is sent to some private school.

    She meets a guy, falls magically in love with him, and finds out he's a zombie. A zombie. What zombie do you know that's not rotting? Apparently, Dante isn't the only one.

    Most of the school is filled with zombies. And the people taking some sort of Latin class are the zombies. I thought zombies had no brain power except for eating and walking. There was some screwed up mythology that I can't remember, but it was something like bury a body six feet under ground or burn it.

    Because if you don't its going to come back to life. And the zombies only live for a number of years. If a zombie finds his true love? I don't know- something, and kisses them, then they won't be a zombie anymore and the person that they kissed will be.

    So that was the reason Renee and Dante couldn't kiss. Fallen moment- check. And apparently some people in the school take Latin, but not the special Latin. So Renee pretends to not know the answers of some stuff to spend time with Dante. Mean Girls- check. Twilight moments are scattered throughout the series. There was that scene when Edward- I mean Dante- does something in Science class correctly, and Bella- totally meant Renee- checks it, and it turns out he's right.

    That's just one of the Twilight parts. Others being a girl meeting a guy a lot older than her and "sparks" that fly when they touch. Renee was an unlikable main character. She made stupid descisions.

    Life Eternal (Dead Beautiful, Book Two) - A Book And A Hug

    One of which was to forget that she has a boyfriend and crush on Dante. She's a flat character and has no character development at all over the story. And she was very narcissistic. Dante- well, I can't remember Dante. I think he was creepy and stalkerish. Or maybe my mind has screwed up in remembering wrong. Renee's friends weren't actually friends as more of two people that try and fail to make Renee seem likeable.

    The romance was insta-love, as I've already pointed out. Way too much "I'd rather die than be without you! Some word choices and sentences were weird. The foreshadowing was well done, even though it was very predictable.

    Some parts surprised me, though. This is the only reason I didn't give Dead Beautiful one star. If you want to be annoyed, then pick this book up. If not, good for you. Go the other direction. Find this review and more at http: Mar 20, Casey Ann Books rated it it was amazing.

    I truly am speechless. Dead Beautiful is a compelling, heatbreaking, and heart frenching novel that I couldnt put down. This book has got to be the most romantic book I have read in a long time. Each chapter, each page and each line had me crying, sighing and smiling. Ive never had a book touch me in such a way that had me thinking about it days after.

    The detail that Yvonne has put into this novel is spectacular. You can tell she has w God. You can tell she has worked so hard at writing this novel from the amount of detail to the amount of pages.

    The plot is something I truly haven't come across and I can see why the awesome people at Usborne publishers published it.

    You cant compare this plot to anything right now which is amazing. There is so many twists and turns so much mystery that it had my brain running over time thinking what the hell is going on in this Boarding school. It had me at the edge of my seat through out. I love how much the history of death was used in this novel. I learned things that I hadn't even heard about for example why people actually burry the dead in coffins All these things had me looking back and actually thinking why do we do these things and its true The way Yvonne writes myths and made up things for the plot in this novel were so believerable I had to go and google them just to make sure they were not true.

    There is a lot of surprises in this novel. And its really hard not to give spoilers because Its one of those novels you just want to tell someone about straight away and tell them everything. The amount of times it left my jaw hanging open and tears streaming down my face was unberlevable.

    The characters in this novel stand out so much not at all two dimentional. Renee is such an amazing character. From her courage and loving personality to Dante the mysterious beautiful lead guy who has a huge secret that I couldnt even comprehed when first reading the book.

    Elenor the lovley and trusting good friend of Renee coming from the book you could definanlty relate her to one of your best friends. The way Gottfried Acadamey is described in the book is very you could say mysterious.

    It was once a childrens hospital. It kinda creeped me out sometimes. Dante and Renees realtionship is beautiful so beautiful I loved watching them fall in love. From the staring, to the talking to the holding to the declaring their undieing love for eachother. The quality of writing is fantastic the orginality, the pace, and the fluidity. The one thing that had me was the ending.

    And not because it was over because I just wanted it to carry on, no it was how jaw dropping and heart renching and one of those things you didnt see coming. The beautiful way it ended had me in sheds of tears and just knowing that whats going to happen between Renee and Dante. Beautiful just beautiful Sighs View all 4 comments. In love, everyone does things that hurt the other person, so there really is no "Right" and "Wrong".

    Renee Winters was an ordinary girl, that is until her sixteenth birthday where she finds her parents dead in the woods.

    How " With no other family to speak of, Renee is taken in by grandfather who sends her to Gottfried Academy, a boarding school in Maine were she finds herself studying the dead language; Latin. While at school, Renee comes across the gorgeous Dante Berlin, who for some reason she feels drawn too.

    When he offers to tutor her in Latin, she realises there is more to Dante that means the eye and that he may be apart of a deadly secret that is happening at Gottfried Academy. For some reason I though this book was about Ghosts! Renee is such a likeable character, one that is well developed, head strong, determined to uncover the truth and that makes her a kick ass heroine in my books.

    And Dante is one hell of a guy, a total babe in my book. I also loved finding out his backstory and the mystery that involved him at the Gottfried. The book was pages long and I think it could have been cut down a bit.

    Nonetheless, as you can tell by my review, I still enjoyed it.

    Jan 14, Jessie rated it really liked it. What a great book! Honestly all it takes to enjoy this book is to get past the slight similarities to Twilight. But really, what book doesn't share some of Twilight's nonsense these days? I mean, dead people are so much cooler then vampires, am I What a great book! I mean, dead people are so much cooler then vampires, am I right? Bella was always so moody and angry, and for what?

    Her parents had been divorced for years and she was moving to a rainy place. I feel for you, babe. Whereas Renee actually went through something devastating and therefor deserved to be a grouch with an attitude.

    The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is the similarities to Twilight: Aug 25, Nafiza rated it liked it Shelves: What stupid idea, you may ask? It was a stupid idea. I believe I have mentioned that oh about three times already so it must be true. So when I switch from paper to book, I carry this mindset with me and totally ruin the reading experience because I am now critically analyzing everything.

    So long rant short, sorry. On to the book. It makes me laugh. No honestly. Those bangs are…well, I think they should rest in peace. The story. Let me tell you what the story reminded me of. She meets the guy, is almost electrocuted by his touch. He is her lab partner. He is cold and haughty the first day and then all of a sudden, he wants to be friends.

    Sounds familiar right? Hey, I read the first book. Vampire Academy. Well, before Rose realized that she was a Dhampir — okay, that never happened but still, it had the same feeling about it. The book felt like it was cobbled together by taking different parts of many other books. Not necessarily a negative thing but the fact that the parallelisms between it and Twilight were so obviously took off marks where originality is concerned. I remained largely unimpressed by any of the characters in the novel.

    More times than not I felt there was no substance to her. She had no depth and God, she was so selfish. Plot So I really liked the inclusion of Latin in the story. I thought that was interesting.

    Dead Beautiful Series

    And the manner in which the author brings in philosophers shows her obvious knowledge of them. I liked all that. Something akin to zombies but not quite. So, they find the person who has their soul, smooch them and get their souls back - leaving the other person quite dead. Get that? Every other book I have read has asked me to suspend my belief other book in the Paranormal genre and it has been easy to do because even if the idea is way out in the land of masked Martians, it still retains some sort of logic that makes believing if not easy than acceptable.

    This, I simply could not believe. In fact, my conscience was cackling like a hyena on coffee. A way to tell these Empty Bodies from Full Bodies, uh, humans, was the fact that the Empty Bodies would suddenly be proficient in Latin. Is it a selective un-deadening? What about a little girl in India who keels over one day from lack of food. Does she not wake up? And if she does, will she speak in Latin?

    A language she has never heard of before. Do they not wake up and wander around? The Writing I think Ms. Woon has a beautiful turn of phrase. There are some phrases that I wrote down because I was being a citing monster at the time that I quite liked.

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