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I haven't bought the PDF (have a physical coppy) but I have got to say, one of my favorite RPG's of all time. Plenty of atmosphere, intrigue and. Visit Feder&Schwert, the original publishers of Engel, at Feder & Schwert, the Feder & Schwert logo, Engel and the Engel logo are trademarks of Feder. Engel and the Engel logo are trademarks of Feder & Schwert. All rights reserved. Sword and Sorcery Studio and the Sword & Sorcery logo are trademarks of.

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Engel Rpg Pdf

Engel is a role-playing game. The original German version uses a rule system in which the who also published the World of Darkness RPG series in Germany and used to publish . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Engel - Arkana Rules (Missing From Corebook) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RPG complement. I found a German-language timeline of the setting's metaplot. It's far too long to recount here, but the part of the timeline that describes events.

I do, however have the pdf. The illustrations are gorgeous although the font of the text sometimes makes it a bit hard to read. The setting, however, is excellently detailed and very imaginative. The human race has sunk into some kind of neo-christian facist state where an ageless pope wages war on the Dreemseed and heretics. The backbone of their defence are the Engel — angelic creatures with special powers. You play an Engel, whose powers are determined based on which one of the five orders of archangels they are a member — Michael leadership , Uriel scouting , Gabriel fighting , Ramiel knowledge and Raphael healing The game was originally from Germay and it used a deck of cards to determine the outcomes of decisions. The English version eschewed this for some reason and just chucked in the D20 rules where humans are warriors, experts, aristocrats, commoners, fighters or rogues. However, it is the setting that makes Engel stand out — there is much for the players to explore, and there are plenty of enemies to fight.

Just wanted to pipe up as a fellow fan. I bought it, loved the setting and hated the rules and sold it.

Unfortuantely, Blue Rose would be an almost perfect rule set for it with its open classes and Arcana system. All you would need to do is change the different types of Angels into Backgrounds.

Engel - Arkana Rules (Missing From Corebook)

It would be so easy. I just read the thread.

Also I own the Book in German, I never came around to read all of it and never played it. Here is the offical site of the German company who produces Engel, maybe you can get something out of it: A little off topic, but could you explain a little more about Engel? I vaguely remember seeing the book in a local store, thinking it looked beautiful but having no idea what it really was, and never seeing it again.


Now I'm kind of interested It is set a few hundreds year in the future and is post-apocalyptic. However, rather than Gamma World, the world has regressed into a medieval state.

The Church is pretty much all powerful as Angels have returned. The Angels are the few that are capable of fighting against the Dreamseed, essentially a demon horde. Huge fingers of fire burn down from the sky and create areas of mass destruction across Europe.

Engel Corebook - Feder & Schwert | Engel |

Overall, it is a medieval, religious, post-apoc mix. The book has a few very cool secrets. The biggest are set out in the book, but I won't repeat here due to spoilers.

Sounds like something I'd like, at least for the flavor. I may have to look for a copy. Originally Posted by Macbeth.

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The independence of the groves is established and a training for lawyers and Coppers codified. OMi 19 Economic upswing across Britain provides general prosperity and consolidation of the caste system there. DBB 40 Phillip later patron saint of grim riders dies. OUr 68 Saint Phillip patron saint of grim riders is canonised by the pontiff.

Rifts Ultimate Edition Rpg

OUr 68 Phillip's Day OUr 68 Individual small wars break out between the Thanes in Britain and finally lead to the establishment of the system of "Thanekriege". DBB 40 Infernos Arrive?

Riots and riots are breaking out in Britain, which is frightening the population for more "raging years".

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