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Eligible Prime members can borrow Prime eligible Harry Potter Kindle books for free, directly from a Kindle device. These Kindle books can also be downloadd at . Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal (La colección de Harry Potter nº 1) (Spanish Edition) eBook: J.K. Rowling, Alicia Dellepiane: jinsmillmatchblesob.cf: Kindle Store. Eligible Prime members can borrow prime eligible Harry Potter Kindle books for free, directly from a Kindle device (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II .

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Harry Potter Spanish Ebook

jinsmillmatchblesob.cf: Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal (La colección de Harry Potter nº 1) (Spanish Edition) eBook: J.K. Rowling, Alicia Dellepiane: Kindle Store. Which reviews do you mean? Most of the complaints I've seen about the Spanish in the Harry Potter translation gripe that it is Latin American Spanish, rather. Hey guys. I posted this over at /r/learnspanish and figured I should post it here too . If you have a Kindle and site Prime, the entire Harry.

The seven eBooks in the series are on sale in these languages at Pottermore, the free-to-use website and exclusive retailer of Harry Potter eBooks and digital audiobooks, which is partnered by Sony. Reflecting the truly global appeal of Harry Potter, the addition of these four languages to the Shop means that French, Italian, German and Spanish speaking fans around the world can purchase the Harry Potter eBooks wherever they may be — from Argentina to Quebec and beyond. Ensuring that the stories can be read at any time and anywhere, every eBook purchased can be downloaded for personal use on a range of devices and platforms, including personal computers, eReaders, tablets and mobile phones. The result is a pioneering initiative for consumers: one retail source supporting multiple platforms and devices. As well as being the exclusive home of the Harry Potter eBooks, Pottermore.

One of the best things about learning foreign languages for me is picking up a book and reading it. In a whole other language! How cool is that, right? I started with dual copies of the book, one in English and one in Spanish.

Harry Potter - Pottermore Shop – Tagged "Spanish"

I figured that I would be able to read it without too much difficulty, using the English book if I got stuck. I was wrong. At that point in my journey, Harry Potter was simply too difficult for me. There were dozens of unknown vocabulary words per page, many of which I had never come across naturally in everyday life: lechuza owl varita wand hechizo spell I struggled my way through a chapter or two, but it was absolutely no fun.

Enter Roald Dahl.

This is more like it! They were too hard for me at the time, and therefore boring. Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo — a book that I knew well in French, and one of my absolute favourites. I also knew the characters from the first book, and was familiar with the writing style.

Las Brujas, by Roald Dahl — this one was completely new to me, but I was well-prepared by the time I cracked the spine. After reading four books for young readers, I picked up Harry Potter again. I used to read the books from Editorial Alfaguara, they are books in Spanish written by Spanish authors. They have two sections on their website Infantil y Juvenil: I congratulate you for trying to read Harry Potter in Spanish, it is even hard for me to read and I am a native speaker!

Muchas gracias for the link!

Eventually I was able to read Harry Potter. But I really am surprised at how many people including me! Good luck learning Dutch! I like free. Take a look on YouTube as well. Tagalog is probably more common than Lao, but hopefully you can find something useful. It is a breath of fresh air to hear that Harry Potter is NOT a good entry-level book for reading in a foreign language.

For myself, I started with picture books. I can read more difficult things, but not with enjoyment. My reading intent is to expose myself to a large amount of written Spanish, not laboriously trudge through a book struggling over every sentence. I want to try to read La ciudad de las bestias by Isabel Allende Spanish author , but I can only get the sequel through my library.

'Harry Potter' eBooks launch on Kobo devices

I may actually end up spending money on that book. People are always recommending Harry Potter as the first book to read in a foreign language. Picture books are fabulous! Some of them have very advanced language, but the picture cues make them more accessible.

Reading Books in Spanish: Don’t Make the Same Mistakes That I Made!

The Great Glass Elevator was…meh. It was OK. The giant speak in dialect with malapropisms, making it really hard to read.

If you end up reading it, let me know what you think! I tended to just skip over them in the end.

Harry Potter books on Lingq

I have to admit, I found it to be on a similar level to Roald Dahl. Really only the magical wizard vocab stumped me, and the weird English made up stuff lol, but following the plot was relatively easy for me, though I do have a decent foundation in the language and a good grasp of tenses and the subjunctive.

However, I have heard that Harry Potter gets more complex as each book was written whilst both the characters and the readers aged. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I think I may be in the minority here. I have only just started learning Spanish and I am reading Harry Potter and enjoying the experience. However, I think I need to caveat this quite heavily. I have already read the book several times in English and once in French. I speak French fluently, so that helps a lot because many of the words are cognates or can be guessed from my knowledge of French, and other words I can usually work out from the context, because I already know the book so well.

But I am starting to recognise a lot of words and grammatical structures, and I think that once my Spanish progresses to the level where I start to study grammar properly, it will come more easily because the various constructions will seem more familiar to me. site to allow libraries to lend Kindle books Apr 20, Nov 03, Sep 21, Harry Potter breaks e-book lockdown Mar 27, Jul 21, Feb 27, Recommended for you. Google and Android system start to cut ties with Huawei May 20, May 13, Mar 25, Mar 17, User comments.

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